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Using 3DConnexion Space Navigator with Max & Maya

These little things are pretty handy. If you haven't had a chance to use one and, most importantly, get used to it, you don't even realise how clumsy alt+dragging around the 3D viewport can be. However that's not the point of my post.

There are pretty serious performance issues with these devices if you use them with their default settings. How this isn't officially documented with the devices, is quite simply beyond me. A quick search will show you just how many people are struggling with this issue.

If you're finding you get a 'pause' of several seconds each time you make a viewport manouvre, typically as scenes get a little heavier, consider changing the 3dConnexion properties as below to see if it helps.

Open your DCC app and ensure it has system focus, (Maya and Max both have this issue, though I presume it could happen on others) then launch the 3DConnexion properties tool. Go to "Advanced Settings", and under "Rotation Center" disable "Auto" and set the radio button to "Hide". This should result in the smooth, fluid performance you've come to enjoy from high end modern GPU's and viewport technology.

I hope this saves you some Googling and a whole bunch of frustration.

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