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Radeon - ProRender

Another day, another unbiased raytracer... Or so it would seem. Although this one has been out for a while, under the nomenclature of "Firerender". I must admit I'd never heard of it. Following the re-branding of their professionally targeted GPU's, their renderer has followed suit and is now called "ProRender".

What's interesting here is, like iRay, these guys are going for a combined CPU + GPU attack on unbiased path tracing. In a typical AMD move the technology is open source and multi-platform too, which is definitely a big plus. At least in theory this is a very logical thing to do; to flesh out every ounce of computing power from a workstation. I understand that it's complicated though, to get the two architectures to work in harmony, both efficiently and stably. It will be interesting to see how successful they have been, I'm planning on checking out this tool this weekend.

If you're interested, both Max and Maya plugins are available here;

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