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I wrapped up with Elvis late 2021 to early 2022.

I actually had a pretty big role on this one, though unfortunately I will not be in the credits. I was working as a generalist, which included tracking, environment modeling and shading, lighting and rendering. It was a Maya to Arnold pipe.

It's mostly set and stage type work for this one, a lot of background enhancement and replacement, to set the tone for the era. Obviously a lot of studios and artists were involved, and together we've all achieved a professional result.

I hope you enjoy the film, and appreciate the artistry that goes into the visual effects that make storytelling like this possible.

It has reawakened a love of some of Elvis' music for me too! Some classics that I forgot about that I was glad to have playing on the vinyl player again... Good music is timeless, let's hope that is true of film too!

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