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Man plans, God laughs

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Today was the day that we were to screen the premier of Peter Rabbit 2, unfortunately this will no longer be the case.

By now there wouldn't be a man, woman, or child who would not have heard of, or been affected by, COVID-19. Even Peter Rabbit's purely fictional fuzzy little butt has been pushed aside by the wake of the pandemic.

The release of Peter Rabbit 2 has certainly been postponed. I believe at this point there is some talk of an August release, though who knows where we will be 6 months from now? This is disappointing as I always looking forward to seeing the final result, and of course, updating my reel with the project I spent the last 11 months working full time on, in both tracking and lighting.

However these are strange times, to say the least. My love goes out to all of humanity at this time, not least of all my fellow artists, who are facing grave circumstances in lieu of the economic uncertainty that is ensuing.

Stay positive and creative, friends, and never forget to laugh.

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