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Matchmove showreel update - April 2021

I have updated my matchmove reel to include the work I have recently completed for Rotor Studios, who have been a terrific client.

Matchmoving plates for car commericals was new to me, and there are some particular challenges involved. You see shiny things don't tend to track well, and cars tend to be very, very, shiny... Add to the mix an often patchy amount of information (read, you get nothing) coming from the plate unit, no lidar, lens grids, or scale guides, and cameras moving at highway speeds producing full-frame motion blur, and you've got yourself a proper matchmove challenge. That said, precise CAD data is in your favour, and it's very satisfying after a long battle to see that chassis glued to the plate... Good times!

Peter Rabbit 2 content should be on its way soon too, as it's currently in cinema. I'm looking forward to getting that work in my reel as soon as I can. For now though, please enjoy the cars!

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