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Wire Cutters

I read once that if you take a cross-section of all creatures in the animal kingdom, all of them will be forever bound to destruction. The very nature of the way we acquire energy, necessitates its extraction from another organism, invariably, via destruction.

The yang to this is of course, the kingdom of flora, which extracts all of its' nutrients from the earth, and all of its' energy from the sun.

The kingdom of fauna is one perpetually and inexorably marked by violence and death. By way of contrast, the kingdom of flora has been forever peaceful. The need to compete and to destroy is (almost) entirely diminshed by flora's capacity to leverage the most abundant source of energy at our disposal, the sun.

Our insatiable demand for power has led us down a dangerous and perhaps inescapable path. We too must learn from our silent neighbours and harvest that which we need, instead of destroying it.

This film is a simple idea done well, that drives home a really important moral without being preachy, heavy-handed, or essoteric. Always good to see CG being used for great story telling.

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