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Guruware - Ivy for Max 2018

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

So I don't really know what to say about all that, I can see both perspectives.

On one hand if you use freeware or shareware products consistently it is best to put your money where your mouth is and support them. Having said that, if you're offering something for free it doesn't make much sense to get upset if people take you up on it. Put a price tag on your product if you want to be paid for it, or take the ignorance with grace and learn a lesson on why capitalism is the way it is, and why communism failed.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, that's life.

It doesn't matter how much one appends 'this is not a rant' to a rant, it remains a rant, and this particular rant is a big 'fuck you' to everyone whoever did do the right thing by supporting the developer.

Having said all that, it is hard to watch someone get broken like this. This is a reminder to all of us on how we ought to behave despite the blanket of anonymity that the internet provides. It may not always seem so, but a small gesture of support, however humble, can really make a difference. So too can the opposite.

If you are looking for the latest Ivy files I have decided to share them here. As you can see above, I have the author's express permission to do so.

These may well be the final builds. I don't really know what to advise you to do in terms of supporting the developer, as he or she has closed the door to that. In theory it would be a good gesture to support them for the use of the plugin, which is what I will be doing. In general though I would urge that we be mindful of our conduct online.

Let's be kind to each other, and let's be a little classy by paying for stuff!

You can download a .zip file containing all the binaries from 2010-2018 here;

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