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Music Video - Jennifer Lopez - Rebound

I worked on this music video for Jennifer Lopez with the team at Fin, mostly as a lighter, but I did some work on the assets and matchmoving too.

Any CG artist will whince when they take one look at this imagery. The video is reminiscent of early tech demos of raytracing capable renderers back in the early 2000's. Although I can't imagine many Lopez fans will see it this way!

This one was actually rendered in Redshift, with the data management being handled by Houdini / Solaris. This amount of raytracing really brought Redshift to its' knees, so a lot of optimisation and trickery was needed on a per-shot basis. We also leaned heavily on denoising and upscaling to meet render budgets. I don't think anyone really likes working this way, but having said that, I don't think you can really tell, it still looks pretty good.

Well done to all involved.

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